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Manifesting - Creating Your Desired Life


Did you know the average person lives for 36,792,000 minutes? Doesn’t seem fair, does it? “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” - Mae West. If your life isn’t bringing you fulfillment, it’s time to dedicate a little time to make necessary changes. Sacrifice just over an hour to make the rest of your life the best of your life. What to Expect: You will gain immense clarity on your desired life and feel motivated to start planning your dream life. You will feel inspired to take action towards your dream life and have fun in the process. Why I created this workshop: I felt like there was an agony within my soul each morning just thinking about going to a job that wasn’t bringing me anything except a paycheck. I wanted more for my life, I just didn’t know what it was or if it was possible for me. I know that the number one thing is gaining clarity - I want to show you how to get clear on your dream life. It’s so important for you to know which direction to head in, otherwise, you just end up being lead by the muggles of this world :) (the people who think suffering is the only way). What You Receive: - Guidebook - Worksheet - 7 Short pre-recorded videos. Invest in yourself and make your life count!

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