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Terms & Conditions 


The one-off Coaching/Mentoring session is for 1 hour and is a one-off session. 


Leisa from Those Magnolia Eyes will meet with the client via Zoom to deliver mentoring and coaching services. It is not Leisa's responsibility for the client's results. 

Client Responsibilities: 

It is the responsibility of the client to follow through on their own results and they are held accountable for the results they receive. 


$297 AUD per Hour for 1:1 Individual Coaching Sessions. 

Payment Terms: 

Payment is due upon Booking being either booked by the client or confirmed by Those Magnolia Eyes. 


Clients can reschedule their booked appointment 1 day prior to the booked time. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy: 

If the client does not notify Those Magnolia Eyes, Leisa within 1 day of cancellation the full fee cannot be refunded. 

Advice & Information: 

The Coaching & Mentor sessions that Leisa provides under Those Magnolia Eyes are not a substitute for professional legal, medical or financial advice. Consult your doctor or GP before working with Those Magnolia Eyes. 


Success and mental wellbeing cannot be guaranteed and it is ultimately the client's responsibility for their own actions and results.   

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