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[S2E8] That's Why They Call It A Missile

The missile is on its way. The ship is split into two. The passengers who thought they would be safe are now expected to perish. How will Ryan and the other crew members get out of the mess in the season finale? Everything will come to an explosive end in Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8.

[S2E8] That's Why They Call It a Missile


Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 8 release date is quite close. HBO has really outdone itself when it comes to this science and fiction drama series. Here, we see the themes such as emergency and vulnerability in quite a bizarre fashion and obviously not on Earth but rather in space. Now, right now Avenue 5 is in a very adverse position as the whole ship is about to get destroyed by a missile as they are in its way.

Ryan has decided that the low-ranking passengers will be shifted to the back of the ship. This is where the most damage by missiles will occur because of the engines. Well, this decision should have been taken anonymously, but Ryan felt like a leader and talked about the plan with everyone on board, and they even provided the score of the analysis through the wristbands. It does not take the passengers a lot of time to figure out the hierarchy that Ryan is planning for them all.

Guy starts off the fight calling on Alexander who will give the party temporary hit points. Huck then calls on the steel soul which gives him two more action surges. Scrumpo tries to pray to Raquel but to no avail. Big Pipe calls on Kyros who gives Huck an attack roll buff. Ikkar calls on the Kenku Lords, who gives an item that allow a character to be resurrected with full health if they die.

These science stories from history help shed light on the modern research being done on Type 2 Diabetes. Specifically, we highlight the work of SciMar as they examine the hormone hepatalin and the effect it has on glucose levels in people who are living with type 2 diabetes.

The men raced to Outpost Tavern, declaring the last one to get there would buy the drinks. At the tavern, they sang and played darts while nailing a newspaper to the target. The men all called Outpost's waitress Pam Horton to throw a beer at the newspaper, and they all followed.

When he gets home, as they fold clothes, Karen tells him she can not handle him going back to the navy and getting calls that his plane had been shot down. She mentioned she was under stress whenever the phone rang.

At the barbecue, Ed is called by Neil. Joking, Ed asked if they made him go through customs when he returned from the Moon. Ed congratulated him on his landing, and Neil confesses he can not believe he did not abort the landing. Asking why he had gone through with it, Neil talks about the risk taking that is involved in taking calls while flying.

After some time, Ed goes to DC with Karen. In front of congress, Ed tells them that Apollo 10 and Apollo 11 had similar fuel levels. However, there was a worry concerning whether or not they would have enough thrust to back into lunar orbit, but he also mentioned taking risks was part of being a test pilot and during planning he had pushed for a Moon landing with Apollo 10, but was overruled by von Braun. When the congressman asked him if he would have been the first man on the Moon had it not been for von Braun, Ed mentioned it was not that simple since von Braun had made the call on the ground, but in lunar orbit he had known he could bring Apollo 10 down safely into the Moon and after the launch, it was his ship to command and asked for everyone to blame him for losing the Moon, non von Braun or Neil.

At a meeting in NASA, the possibility of ice being on the Moon was discussed. However, this could not be confirmed. Ed mentioned they could find more about it on Apollo 15. Gene mentioned water on the Moon could change everything, with Ray Schumer emphasizing that they could drink it, grow plants, and make rocket fuel. At the end of the meeting, Thomas asked Deke how "Nixon's women" were doing, specifically Tracy. Deke told him that the women were doing desert survival training, which surprised Thomas. He told Deke there was no way they could haul a 40-pound pack 20 miles in the desert sun, but Deke argued that if they could not handle the desert, they could not handle the Moon.

Thomas called Deke and Gene and told them the CIA was worried that the Soviets would place military assets on the Moon, and told them that if they could get Apollo 15 to Shackleton, they should do it. Deke told Thomas that the crew would decide and left.

The crew of the Apollo 22 call Houston to tell them they were going back to the base. Once they got there, Danielle told Ed that even though they had gone 30km out, they had not seen anything. Ed told Danielle that the Soviets were crafty and they were still on their part of the crater, which was theirs since they had planted the flag first. Gordo took a walk in the meantime and saw nothing in the distance.

Ed, Gordo, and Danielle start getting desperate over a phone call with Buzz and were told that they needed two more weeks and were being sent a surprise this time. A new plumbing assembly for the shower. Ed tells them that Gordo is feeling better after his cold. After the conversation with Houston, it appears that their "Hi Bob" tape was fixed, but the tape is ruined after a while. After a while, they all start reciting the tape since they know it by heart, even reciting the laughs.

Gordo wakes Ed and Dani up so they could do the "Hi Bob" routine, but Ed tells him to quit horsing around since they had a busy day the following day and it was the middle of the night. He moved forward and did the routine himself which surprised Ed, but Gordo got mad whenever he was interrupted. Danielle told him that maybe it was time to call Houston, but Ed refused saying that Gordo needed to go outside. Ed approached him and told him that they should go for a walk.

After a while. Danielle screams in pain, saying that she tried to change the battery, and it appeared she had busted her arm. Ed realized that she was doing that in order for Ed to call NASA and tell them that they needed medical attention.

The Soviet cosmonaut wakes up, bound to a wall by Ed. Ed orders him to speak English. The cosmonaut asks him why he had cut off his oxygen, but Ed ignores the question and asks him what he was doing in his mine. The Soviet tells him he was not looking for anything there, and Ed asks him what the device was he had left there since it was his territory. The Soviet, however, tells him that the Moon belongs to everybody and counters the fact that if it depended on who was there first, then a Soviet man had landed on the Moon first and had even said that the Moon belonged to everybody. Edward remembered it differently, but he told him that there was enough ice for everyone. Ed asks him what he had been doing, constantly calling him "Ivan", but this one told him that he could not tell him and should be let go since his compatriots would be looking for him. However, Ed told him that he knew they only had one rover and walked away.

Ed was awakened by Mikhail, who was singing. He asked the Soviet if he had done anything and asked him to stop singing. Mikhail told him that Elvis was banned in the USSR, but people found a way to listen to him, and called the singer fantastic. Ed told him that he had wanted Sinatra played at his wedding, but ended up playing "Love Me Tender" at his wedding. He told him that they went to see him a year ago, but that Elvis was a joke now, but Mikhail told him that Elvis would always be king, but Ed mentioned that Sinatra would always be the one. Mikhail noticed that the lights were flickering in a pattern, which they read as morse code. Ed then called NASA and contacted Gordo and Danielle. Ed told them that he needed some alone time, but was back.

Karen worked the bar at Outpost, while Ed mentioned that that Tracy would be on television. On the program, Tracy greets the host and tells him that she had returned from being in Rio and Aruba, also stopping at Vegas before returning. The host asks her if she has a new ring and she tells him that it is a ring Sam Cleveland had given her when they got married in Vegas. Ed calls Gordo and is asked by his friend if he knew about it, but Ed mentions he did not and asks if Gordo is okay and if he needed some company, but Gordo says he would be fine.

Margo talks to Ellen through a video communicating device and asks her how the power situation was holding up. Ellen says that they were recuperating and told Ed that life support systems should be doing fine, but the Mars program would have to be put on hold, also mentioning that the fuel rods were damaged. Margo takes note that they would need to send more plutonium and says that she would alert Guam to implement nuclear transportation guidelines, only to be told by General Bradford that they would need to ask the Pentagon first. Thomas walks in with news that the president wanted to ease tensions with the Soviets, mentioning that putting missiles on Pathfinder was on hold for now and that they needed an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut to come together for a handshake in space. Margo laughed, but Thomas told Ed to prep the crew. Margo said that it would never be done, but Thomas told her to relax and to figure something out.

Ed works on painting a small biplane, when he gets a call. He picks up and is called by Karen from Outpost, since Gordo was drunk and making everyone uncomfortable. Ed makes it to the bar and tells Gordo to go for a walk with him. They walk and Ed tells him to forget about Tracy since they had been divorced for nearly five years and she had moved on. He says that he cannot leave the past behind because he had left something up on the Moon and felt like he did not exist on Earth and did not know what he was doing. He recognizes that Ed had been through worse things, like Shane's death, but he had found a way to make peace. They sit down and Ed told him that his kids worshipped him; Gordo asked Ed if he remembered what it was like for them, and his friend said he did. Gordo said that before everything seemed possible, but not anymore, and starts crying. Soon after, Gordo tells Ed he would sleep and wishes Ed a good night. Ed looks at one of Gordo's pictures, one where he stood with him dressed in his space suit. 041b061a72


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