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TENDER - Violence

"Tender Violence in US Schools is a provocative book that provides a critical genealogy of the white woman teacher imagined as the heroic savior of children of color. Rooted in nineteenth-century settler colonial missionizing, Bauer persuasively argues that a gendered discourse of 'benevolent whiteness' continues to unjustly shape education today. Such teacher-savior narratives erase the love and learning Black and Native children receive from their own communities. With historic examples from Hawaiʻi, South Carolina, and Dakota-Sioux Territory, alongside the contemporary Teach for America program, Bauer calls for a deep reckoning with the structural violence of education. A must-read for scholars in Education, Ethnic, Indigenous and Gender Studies."

TENDER - Violence

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Using theatre and the arts, we engage young people in violence prevention workshops within their schools, enabling them to recognise and avoid abuse and violence. Our workshops can be adapted to many groups.

75 Tbps is a creative laboratory on the contemporary mutation of violence in online visual cultures, led by independent researcher and visual artist Noura Tafeche. This activity is part of the sixth edition of DONE.

The overproduction of personal images, communicative militarism and the sexualization of propaganda are giving rise to a strange and elusive mix where tenderness and violence mingle and collide in disturbing ways.

The Poway shooting may not go down in history as a major terrorist attack. Yet its stories of recovery are memorable reminders of how people can curb hate-fueled violence by reaching for ideals such as the sanctity of life, the equality of all, and the infinite worth of each individual. The people of Poway are not retreating from their differences. Yet they have now converged by their acts of comfort and a new reliance on ideals that inspire. Their community harmony was not so much restored as they were restored to the norms of harmony. 041b061a72


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