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Resident Evil 4 PC: The Best Way to Enjoy the Horror Classic with Bit Torrent

As Resident Evil 4 was seen by critics as one of the scariest games of the year, its biggest problem was the way it dragged players through murky sewer pipes for hours on end. Some players still find this dull, and one modder is here to change all that, quite literally. A stark 4K remake of the game, this mod is animated and set within a crisp and clear space of geometric shapes and bright neon lights.

Resident Evil 4 Pc Download Bit Torrent

Fans of the survival horror genre are gonna love what these guys have in store for Resident Evil 5 , with two new trailers--which you can check out below--and a teaser for the game's first DLC, DeadZone, which is slated to release this holiday season.

What if Resident Evil 5 had turned the zombies into zombies from Hollywood's Night of the Living Dead ? And what if that version of Resident Evil 5 had featured a pack of bloody teddy bears instead of a couple of letters?

This was the most shocking Resident Evil 5 trailer yet, with footage taken directly from the game and without any additional editing. However, it reveals that the team is still developing a new version of Resident Evil 5, set for a June 2016 release. It is already available to download for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This trailer isn't directly for Resident Evil 5 , but we'll still bring you the latest on the upcoming game, which is still being developed. The developer announced that it would delay the game to 2016, as it needed to change the game's heroine character, Jill Valentine, in order to allow her to take part in a new battle against the undead.


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