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Josiah Taylor
Josiah Taylor

Leonid Afremov Buy ((NEW))

This graphic art print features the bright colours and whimsical style of "When the dreams came true" by Leonid afremov. Bold swatches of colour form the scene of a promenade at night, with lanterns illuminating the trees and a pair of figures. Printed on an artist-quality canvas, this piece is made using inks that capture the brightness of the original hues. With its horizontal support back beam, this piece has tight corners that are designed not to sag over time. Plus, we love that this painting print comes with hanging hardware, so you're able to display it as soon as it arrives.

leonid afremov buy

I have order a painting from the official site, since January 2021, paying 207$, for painting and 59 $ for its frame. I received then a message back, stating that if I want the frame, I.must pay more money for delivery, if not, I will get the 59$ refund. NOW, after 5 months, I have not yet received the painting neither the refund. I contacted and they send me a tracking number DHL, which is unfortunately void...!This is outrageous. ?If anyone has some experience on this fraud, what can I do to get my money back?

Hello, you've been scammed like almost all of customers. Artist Leonid Afremov passed away more than a year ago (August 2019). Even while he was alive, the Originals sold on where not painted by him. Everything is painted at Playa del Carmen offices by any of the 19 artists they have. More experienced artists paint fake Originals and novice artists paint recreations. The company also spams review websites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber using VPN and different false accounts.This twisted business works because 99% of customers doesn't even know they've been scammed. In terms of quantity of artworks, this is probably the biggest scam in the art market during this century.Scamming business is conducted by the artist's two sons, David and Boris Afremov. 041b061a72


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