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UC Browser Portable [Full] [2021]

UC Browser is one of the most popular free web browsers in the world. You can use any device, including mobile, tab or computer, you need a web browser. This means that the web browser must be installed on your device. With which you can visit any website in the world... more info

UC Browser Portable [Full]

Note: UC Browser does now available offline installer. So we are sharing the offline installer. To install the full browser on your PC, you must first download its web installer. Then double click on this file on your PC and wait for a while, the whole file will be setup.

Baidu Browser for PC is the best alternative to all famous web browsers. It is based on chromium having a resemblance to Google Chrome. With a wonderful addition of impressive accessories which makes your online surfing more reliable and refreshing. A lightweight, fast, fully customized browser having its own torrent client. You can download and save your content for watching later. A free-of-cost app with a large variety of tools

Cent Browser for PC Windows is a third-party development with some unique and convenient features based on the Chromium like Google Chrome browser. A free as well as a portable version that works very fast. Compatible with all types of Windows and has not no demand for any special requirement. Cent Browser for PC Features Multiple Tab Functions The program including with several tabs options such as scroll tab bar

-2345 Explorer (Chinese only) (for PC) (for phone)-360 Extreme Explorer (webkit adapted to Blink + Trident (IE according to web compatibility)360 Extreme Explorer is the current name of the international version of the Chinese 360 Secure Explorer. Not to be confused with the name "Browser 360" which refers to an old international version whose latest version is and it is based on Chromium 31 versions based on Chromium 78 or higher are called "360 Extreme Explorer", in this post on the MSFN forum you can ask questions: -extreme-explorer-360-chromium-78-general-discussionDownload Links:Official international version (web english version only download old version 11): On Septembre 2021 web for english version only on Chinese (careful, uninstall 360 also only on Chinese) 360 Extreme Explorer versions with telemetry removed:From versions 12 and 13 (Chromium 86), for 360 Extreme Explorer to correctly display the certificate on some https pages, and their style sheet, it requires activating compatibility mode with Windows 2000 by right clicking on the executable file .EXE.@Humming Owl modified versions:-post on MSFN: -360-extreme-explorer-modified-version/-folders: -10-21 _Modified_VersionArcticfoxie modified versions: -360-extreme-explorer-arcticfoxie-versions/#commentsModified in China:(several users report that the telemetry is not completely canceled, that the deletion is partial) Modified in Russia:(several users report that the telemetry is not completely canceled, that the deletion is partial) -360-browser.html -programm-dlya-interneta/182-360-extreme-explorer-amp-portable.htmlForum in Russian to modify the official international version:

The current version for the Chinese market is called ...-360 Secure Explorer also known as 360 Secure BrowserThe official version can be downloaded here (only in Chinese language) And here is the modified version in China: -DC Browser v.4 (Chromium 75)Note: With the official version I have experienced multiple blue screens, the modified version I have not tried yet.Official version: @Humming Owl modified versions:-post on MSFN: -360-extreme-explorer-modified-version/-download folders _Browser_Modified_Version-Kafan MiniBrowser aka MiniBlink aka MiniChrome (Chromium 87)Official version multilanguage (install only Chinese): Forum: -298-1.htmlMaximum perfomance:2 GiB RAM: 5 tabs open8 GiB RAM: 25 tabs open@Humming Owl modified versions:-Post on MSFN: -360-extreme-explorer-modified-version/-Download folders _Browser_Modified_Version-Liebao aka Kingsoft Cheetah Secure BrowserOfficial version: Change Chinese language to English: -cheetah-browser.381.Portable version -Maxthon (Blink + Trident + Webkit) (Chromium 69)Official multilanguage version: * * Version 6.x is not compatible with Windows XP.* Version 5.x is the latest compatible with Windows XP.MaxThon Beta (2020-01-06): -notes5/%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%0%C2%A0%C2% A0V-5382100-R214 /MaxThom Release (2019-10-24): -notes5/%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%0%C2%A0%C2% A0V-5382000-R213 /-QQ Browser (Blink + Trident)Official version (care, better not install, it looks like a virus / spyware that makes a lot of advertising in all your computer) -Sogou Explorer(It only exists in Chinese language)Official version: Version modified in China: Both on Windows XP and on Windows 10 it gives me the following error:w10 error xx183 cannot create a file that already exists-UC Browser (Chromium 54)This browser has been discontinued, after being accused of stealing user data.The latest version for Windows ( is from the year 2018.Official links have stopped working in some countries.Official version multilanguage: Alternative download: -uc-browser-for-windows/Modified version in China (it is possible to change the language to English after navigating the menu in Chinese): -TS Browser (Chromium 75)Official version: It seems to work as well as 360 Extreme Explorer but I haven't gotten it to read the updated certificates.

The last release is from 2018-02-17. It doesnt a browser updated.If someone wants to try you should download this github full versionLunaSetup6152_ml11_gl_full.exe -installer/releases/download/v6.15.2.27564/LunaSetup6152_ml11_gl_full.exeThe webpage version is only a downloader for the Gecko and Webkit engines that does not work.It says that the Trident engine is included but it actually uses the engine from the Internet Explorer version that is installed on Windows.Gecko and Webkit are only compatible with Windows XP SP1. It is not compatible with Windows 2000.


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