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Hindi Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain: The Best Bollywood Comedy Film of 2010

Hindi Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain: A Review of the Bollywood Comedy Film

If you are looking for a light-hearted and entertaining Bollywood comedy film, you might want to check out Hindi Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain. This film, which translates to Hello, this is Lallan speaking, stars Rajpal Yadav as Lallan, a security guard who goes out of his way to help his love interest Saroja, played by Preeti Mehra. The film is directed by Dileep Shukla and produced by Nazim Rizvi. It was released in 2010 under the banner of Emaar Film International Unit and Whispering Shadows Entertainment. In this article, we will review the plot, analysis, and conclusion of this film, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about it.

Hindi Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain


Hindi Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain is a Bollywood comedy film that revolves around the life of Lallan, a common man who aspires to become rich and famous. He works as a security guard in Mumbai, where he is honest, hardworking, and helpful. He loves Saroja, a girl who lives in his village, but she is unaware of his feelings. He plans to propose to her after getting a promotion at work. However, things take a turn for worse when he learns that Saroja is going to marry an older man for money. He decides to raise money himself and get Saroja married to Kishan, her true love. However, he faces many challenges and obstacles along the way, such as robbers, gangsters, corrupt officials, and misunderstandings. The film is a comedy of errors that shows how Lallan tries to solve his problems with his wit and humor.

Plot Summary

The film begins with Lallan working as a security guard in Mumbai. He is loyal to his uncle Tiwari, who is also his boss at work. He regularly calls Saroja from a local phone booth owned by Hansa. Hansa admires Lallan for his politeness and teetotalism. She asks him to marry her daughter, but he politely refuses. He tells her that he loves Saroja, who lives in his village. He plans to get an apartment and propose to her after getting a promotion at work.

One day, Lallan has a bad dream about Saroja leaving him. He calls her and learns that she is going to get married soon. He is shocked to hear that she is marrying an older man for money. Her father agrees on this marriage to get 200000 (approx USD 2600) from the groom. This money is to be used as a bribe for getting his son (Saroja's brother b70169992d


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