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Arrhythmia Full Movie Hd Download

Figure 1. Global illumination and optical mapping setup. (A) The heart is perfused in a bath surrounded by three blue-LED for panoramic photostimulation. Light of a 625 nm LED is reflected via a dichroic mirror onto the heart surface. Emission was recorded through a 77570 nm bandpass filter and an EMCCD camera at 1 kHz. Global illumination is reached via overlapping light cylinders. (B) Activation maps in posterior view of the heart of spontaneous sinus rhythm and stimulation examples electrically (electrode position is marked with an asterisk) as well as by global illumination. (C) Exemplary activation maps in anterior view of the heart of induced cardiac arrhythmia and collision of waves leading to annihilation of arrhythmic pattern. Color-bars indicate activation time in ms and the scale-bars mark 2 mm. A movie of the wave collision is available as (Supplementary Material Movie 1). LV - Left Ventricle, RV - Right Ventricle.

Arrhythmia full movie hd download


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