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Occasionally a word in English will have a number of meanings that are notably different. One example of this is nice, which may mean "pleasing," "trivial," or "fastidious." Despite their semantic differences, all of these senses have a shared pronunciation, spelling, and most importantly, etymology; the latter determines their status as different meanings of the same word. In other instances, words with distinctive meanings may share a spelling and a pronunciation but have different origins, making them entirely different words. Such is the case with booty. The sense meaning "plunder" has been in our language since the 15th century and can be traced to the Middle Low German word būte, meaning "distribution, share, plunder." The slang word booty meaning either "buttocks" or "sexual intercourse," though spelled and pronounced the same, has a distinctive origin and is therefore an entirely different word. Dating from the early 20th century, it comes (via African-American English and possibly an English-based creole) from the Early Modern English word bottie, meaning "buttocks."


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Tracey Mallett is a world-renowned fitness and wellness expert, best-selling author of Sexy in 6 and Super Fit Mama, and the creator of the hugely popular workout, bootybarre and bbarreless. Her infectious personality, positive energy and well-choreographed workouts have allowed her to work in roles spanning from television host to author, to personal trainer and creator of a best-selling line of Pilates, dance and fitness-based DVDs.

mid-15c., bottyne "plunder taken from an enemy in war," from Old French butin "booty" (14c.), from a Germanic source akin to Middle Low German bute "exchange." It has been influenced in form and sense (toward "profit, gain," whether taken by force or not) by boot (n.2) and in form by nouns ending in -y. The meaning "female body considered as a sex object" is 1920s, African-American vernacular. As with other male sexual terms for women, its sense can shift to copulation generally or to the eroticized body parts (compare nookie, ass, etc.).

Growing the booty has never been more fun! The ankle bands are a great tool to use in-home or for the gym. The ankle bands take away the inconvenience of looking for a cable machine to do your exercises when they are always taken. Imagine being able to work out at home, the studio, the park, virtually anywhere.

Our Buns of Glowry line has now achieved cult status in the realm of butt skincare. These three booty formulas are designed to firm, tone, and rejuvenate your butt skin while smoothing out stretch marks and cellulite. Each product is infused with plant-based potent ingredients like juicy watermelon, protective vitamin E, and plumping wheat protein to provide a fuller, perkier-looking peach in less than a month!

Wheat protein is an elasticity-restoring, skin-plumping powerhouse that fills out dimples and fine lines for visibly smoother, firmer skin. Naturally rich in ceramides, it provides the skin with a healthy source of long-term moisture, keeping your booty bright and babysoft. 041b061a72


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