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Josiah Taylor

Next Steps [v0.01.2]

The AzFilesHybrid PowerShell module provides cmdlets for deploying and configuring Azure Files. It includes cmdlets for domain joining storage accounts to your on-premises Active Directory and configuring your DNS servers. The cmdlets make the necessary modifications and enable the feature for you. Because some parts of the cmdlets interact with your on-premises AD DS, we explain what the cmdlets do, so you can determine if the changes align with your compliance and security policies, and ensure you have the proper permissions to execute the cmdlets. Although we recommend using AzFilesHybrid module, if you're unable to do so, we provide manual steps.

Next Steps [v0.01.2]

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Most customers should choose Option one above and use the AzFilesHybrid PowerShell module to enable AD DS authentication with Azure Files. However, if you prefer to execute the steps manually using Active Directory PowerShell, the steps are outlined here. 041b061a72


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