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Online Program
Manifesting Your Desired Life

Did you know the average person lives for 36,792,000 minutes? Doesn’t seem fair, does it? “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” - Mae West. 


Have you ever looked at your life and thought, "Huh, I thought my life would have been better than this".....

I looked at my life one day and everything needed to change, I was overweight, living from paycheck to paycheck (some weeks it was even tighter), and I felt so sad within myself. I felt like a zombie, just going through the same routine, praying for 5 pm to arrive, so I could go home eat on the couch and watch Netflix. Deep down, I knew that I wasn’t living to my highest potential. 


The secret to getting motivated to change: let go of the fear and self-doubt and BELIEVE that you can have what you want. 


I changed everything, just by getting clear on what I wanted life to look like. Then, I changed my mindset so that I believed my dream life was POSSIBLE. 

Online Program - 
7 Short Videos - Total Watch Time, approximately 1 Hour.
Watch at Your Convenience for the cost of 1 Takeaway Dinner. 

6 Modules to Propel You Towards Your Dream Life

Sometimes we forget what we're capable of.

Sometimes we fall into a pattern of low energy or we get used to a certain way of negative thinking, but really - we are designed to be great and you are capable of so much!


Your potential is in YOU and you have access to it whenever you wish. It's up to you. 

Breakdown of Each Module

Introduction Video - Introduction and guidance on what to expect - Spoiler alert: Your Life is going to look and feel amazing. 


Module 1 - Clarity 

In this module, you will gain clarity on your desires and how you choose to feel amazing every day. Your life is being created by you, so make it wonderful, exciting, and full of incredible moments. 


Module 2 - Feel Those Vibes 

After gaining clarity on how you want your life to look & feel you are going to learn how to become a vibrational match for your dream life. 


Module 3 - Understanding Your Why 

There needs to be a conviction within when going towards something new. As you move towards your goals, you are going to understand WHY you're wanting & this becomes your DRIVE. 


Module 4 - How 

You are going to learn how to reach your goals. In this module, you will be breaking down your goals and planning how to get them. 


Module 5 - Identity 

In order to have something you've never had before, you need to become someone new. You are going to be recreating yourself in this module by letting go of fear, becoming confident, and shifting your mindset. 


Module 6 - Have Fun

This module is all about becoming a beacon for your dreams, you are going to start aligning yourself to your desires to attract everything you desire. 


What are you waiting for? Dive in. 

If your life isn’t bringing you fulfillment, it’s time to dedicate a little time to make necessary changes. Sacrifice just over an hour to make the rest of your life the best of your life. 

Make your life Extraordinary. 



Will I have access to all course material? 

You will instantly receive 7 pre-recorded videos, PDF Guidebook, a Worksheet as well as bonuses. 


How is my content delivered? 

As soon as you purchase the program you will be prompted to enter a user name and password. You can access the program anytime by visiting my website, logging in and everything will be available to you anytime, anywhere (there is wi-fi). 


How do we connect?
You can email me at anytime with tech questions and support at


When will I be charged? 

You will be charged in Australian currency directly on purchase. 

Benefits of the Online Program: 
  • Start to feel excited about living again. 

  • Feel motivated to go after your goals.

  • Feel blissfully Happy. 

  • Gain clarity on your goals. 

  • Plan out your life. 

  • Watch your life transform by applying your action steps each day. 

  • The best part is - you don’t need to leave the house.

  • There are going to be days when you feel tired of fighting your way through life and you want to pull out your laptop or smartphone and start to come back home to yourself. From there, you can start to feel more aligned to your true nature, which is joyful, positive, and connected. 

What's Included?

Whether you are someone who loves learning through visuals or reading, I have you covered. 

When you purchase this digital online program, you will receive a PDF Guidebook and Worksheet. You can follow along the videos using the guidebook as your reference to anything you may miss in the videos. 

  • Guidebook 

  • Worksheet 

  • 7 Short pre-recorded videos. Each video is digestable and the longest video is just over 20 minutes. 

Let this be the year you
into the person you've been wanting to be.


You will never regret
feeling good! 

Online Program Value: 
$111 AUD

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