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Certified Yoga Teacher I Mindset Coach I Life Coach 

Hi, I’m Leisa. 


I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Psychology Major, more importantly, I have years of experience being a Life Coach & Mindset Coach. 


I help unmotivated women reach their highest potential by shifting their mindset. 

Want to know what lights me up? Seeing you shine as the best version of yourself. You may be in a job that doesn’t inspire you. Your relationships may be lacking love and connection. You might be struggling with how your body looks in the mirror. People come to me because they need a makeover in one area of their life or every area. 


Transforming your life starts with your mindset and creating thoughts that are more aligned to the life you do want. 


Did you know on average a person has 27,375 days to live on earth? My question to you is, are you living it well? If not, your time is now. It’s time to begin getting clear on how you want your life to look and feel. It’s time to start transforming into the best version of yourself you can become. 


Click here to download your Complimentary Ebook on how to become the best version of yourself. It’s time for you to be spectacular, stop waiting and start now! Download the E-Book. 

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